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Are you a junior engineer and feel you have nothing worthwhile to say in your CV to land your first job?

A seasoned engineer who is getting ready for a step up?

This event is for you and everyone in between! Reshape your career narrative and stand out by creating a resume that best tells the story of who you are.

7pm EET

Who Should Attend?

People of all levels working in technology

Anyone looking to scale their career

Paying attention to the small things that make a big difference.

Students or recent graduates

Students or recent graduates entering the software industry, worried their resume lacks experience.


Professionals at any experience level who want their resume to match their expertise.

Why Attend?

A resume that stands out from the
“same” pile is essential.

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Live CV Transformation

Delete your Europass-based CV and create a resume that actually communicates who you are and your qualities.

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Real CVs thoroughly assessed by decision makers, with experience viewing hundreds of resumes. Gain insights into what captures their attention.

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Stand out by displaying your qualities, substantiated with evidence from past experiences.

Kick Start your Career

Having previous work experience is absolutely not a prerequisite to having a good resume.

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Georgios Diamantopoulos
Georgios Diamantopoulos
Fullstack Engineer

Georgios went straight from PhD to startup. For about 10 years, he was involved in four startups, where he had to develop the product, sometimes alone and sometimes with a team. He is proud of having built with RavenDB and AngularJS in 2012, when there were only two articles on the internet about building SPAs. At heart, Georgios is a pragmatist. He often asks “why?” and draws insightful diagrams on the Zero to MVP blackboard.

Manos Theodorou
Manos Theodorou
Fullstack Engineer

Manos fundamentally loves a good challenge; titles are of no importance to him and he enjoys asking, "What do we need to do to get this done?" He has led a team at a big corporation and embraced the startup attitude. At Zero to MVP, he is leading the effort for team workflow processes and writing code across the stack.

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